• Results: another three months at Core Performance!

    I wrote about the results of my first three months at Core Performance in February. I've now got the results from the second three months (i.e. a total of six months!) and I'm still making progress, which is gratifying to see:

    Dec 3, 2010 Feb 22, 2011 June 5, 2011 Delta
    Weight (lb): 168.4 164.2 164.2 0 lb
    Body Fat %: 22.91 17.66 15.56 -2.1%
    Lean Mass (lb): 129.82 135.20 138.65 +3.45 lb
    Fat Mass (lb): 38.58 29.00 25.55 -3.45 lb
    Waist (in): 37.5 37.25 36.25 -1.0 in
    Hip (in): 41.5 39.75 39.25 -0.5 in

    Note that the delta is since the last measurement, not over all time.

    Even though my weight didn't change, I exchanged 3.45 pounds of fat mass for lean muscle — which is why it's never sufficient to just weigh yourself to gauge progress!

    Admittedly I've slacked off a bit recently from working out as often as I should — due to a number of things (boredom and schedule conflicts primarily) so I'm hoping I can keep myself motivated as the summer kicks off...