• Exploring a new flavor of single malt with Highland Park's #DarkOrigins

    Exploring a new flavor of single malt with Highland Park's #DarkOrigins

    Tomorrow night I'll be shooting some photos for Highland Park's #DarkOrigins launch event in the Mission. Highland Park's newest Dark Origins Single Malt is interesting in its richness, nutty character, and its use of "double first fill sherry casks". This Drink Spirits review does a very good job of describing the flavor experience:

    Dark chocolate covered dried cherries literally leap out of the glass, while underneath there is fig, date, honeyed malt, a soft nuttiness, and a touch of smoke. Highland Park Dark Origins’ sweet chocolate cherry and honeyed malt entry is well in line with the soft and lush openings of Highland Park 12 and 15, but that’s where the similarities end. The opening is actually a little bit of a head fake, and the soft, sweet entry is quickly replaced by a bold, spicy, and smoky midpalate. In the midpalate the honeyed malt moves to a supporting note and the chocolate begins to dissipate. In its place a more acidic and spicy character emerges with green apple, black pepper, and allspice. There’s also a fair amount of heat added to the equation, far more than with Highland Park 12 and 15.

    At times sipping this whisky I could taste the youth of the malt — almost reminiscent of a Charbay or White Dog that retains a bright, corn-like character. There's a lot going on here, including a "wash" of peaty smoke that doesn't overwhelm but instead adds a desirably gritty tone. 

    Whatever the case, I'll be taking over Highland Park's Instagram account tomorrow — a first! — and posting moments from my experience. I'm excited to see what comes out of this.