• Themeword 2014: Discover

    Themeword 2014: Discover

    As I did in 2008, I've chosen a themeword for 2014: #discovery.

    As I'm recently funemployed, I feel like this word best captures where I'm at personally, professionally, romantically, intellectually, and optimistically. Having spent more than three and half years inside of Google, and then nearly six months in a frantically-paced startup — I've come to realize that I've got a lot to learn, and to look forward to!, that's been just outside my periphery for some time. 

    Thus — even if I end up finding the next thing to work on later this year — I expect to stay committed to various forms of discovery throughout in my personal life, in my relationships, in my skills and interests, and in substances that can augment or alter how I think about or perceive the world.