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Chris Messina has spent over 15 years living on the edge of social technology. He has designed products and experiences for Google and Uber, founded startups, and changed the world with many of his creations, including the hashtag. He co-founded a conversational social AI company (YC’18) and recently became a digital nomad, traveling the world and speaking on social technology, product design, and founder culture and mental fitness.

He has spoken TEDx, SXSW, Google I/O, and Microsoft’s Future Decoded, and is frequently quoted in media outlets like The New York Times, Business Week, LA Times, Washington Post, and Wired.

Chris has created movements online and off, and acted as catalyst for change in large and small organizations. In 2004, he helped organize the grassroots movement that propelled Mozilla Firefox to its first 100 million downloads. In 2005, he co-organized the first BarCamp and then popularized the unconference event model to over 350 cities around the world. In 2006, he opened the first coworking spaces in the world, giving rise to a global movement. Then in 2007, he championed the idea of the hashtag, eventually changing social media forever and galvanizing popular social revolutions.



from new hampshire

Grew up in the Live Free or Die state; my libertarian roots run deep.

invented the hashtag

Hard to have predicted, but it turned out to be a thing. Like, a big thing.

not the actor

I get a lot of his mentions on Twitter, but we’re actually different people.

top hunter

I’m big on Product Hunt — where products and the future meet! Need a hunter?


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